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A Happy Person with 24″ LCD monitor 16 February, 2009

Filed under: photo,random — cholic @ 2:28 am

Finally, I got my new lcd monitor. My 17″ monitor somewhat has a layer of wave on the upper section of the screen. Not sure what’s the cause coz it’s been there for quite sometime. I don’t even use speaker or sub woofer anymore so it couldn’t be the magnet thingy that caused the problem. Anywhere, here’s some pic of my new LCD 😀





4 Responses to “A Happy Person with 24″ LCD monitor”

  1. townberry Says:

    Damn it. You sure know how to make me feel extremely bitter. I don’t like j00. You have 24 inch LCD screen and I have….what the hell 17 inch CRT.

    Now I shall go hide in a corner and cry.

  2. cholic Says:

    Awww… my 17″ lcd got problem mar :p

  3. kiddokun Says:

    Wow, nice

    How much was it ?

  4. cholic Says:

    Got it for RM700 and the price is going even lower now 🙂

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