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Hai~ 17 March, 2009

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I’ve shifted my blog to a not-so-new site. Click here to go there~

cholic.net will remain as my photo gallery as well ^^


Fangirl power : UNLEASHED! 7 March, 2009

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Finally I have the time to actually add a nearly 4gb worth of mp3 into my iTunes playlist. Guess whose albums did I add?



A lil of this & that 5 March, 2009

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Ahhh~ I’m getting busy lately due to the fact that I’m helping out for MMU graduates and friends photo taking, homework, assignments, L4D & some other random stuff. I just remembered that my cousin back in Baling is getting married today. Wanted to go back but my mum doesn’t allow me to skip class (-_-)” There goes my chance to take a wedding photos.. So, all I can do was to buy her a wedding gift a couple of weeks ago and pass it to my mum so that she can give it to my cousin on the wedding day. I wish that she’ll have a wonderful marriage life ^^