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A lil of this & that 5 March, 2009

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Ahhh~ I’m getting busy lately due to the fact that I’m helping out for MMU graduates and friends photo taking, homework, assignments, L4D & some other random stuff. I just remembered that my cousin back in Baling is getting married today. Wanted to go back but my mum doesn’t allow me to skip class (-_-)” There goes my chance to take a wedding photos.. So, all I can do was to buy her a wedding gift a couple of weeks ago and pass it to my mum so that she can give it to my cousin on the wedding day. I wish that she’ll have a wonderful marriage life ^^


Self-determination 25 February, 2009

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Karaoke seems fun! 15 February, 2009

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I went for karaoke with a few friends a couple of days ago in Times Square. Spent our time there for about 4 hours. Had multilanguage singing session which include English, Malay, Japanese, Chinese & Thai songs. Hope to go again soon XD


The end 3 February, 2009

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I’m done and free now. Thank you


New house: 80% complete 18 January, 2009

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I went to Baling a few days back and saw that the new house my mum has been dreaming off is nearly completed. Going to have a prayer for the new house entrance thingy end of February. I get to choose my own bed, wardrobe & curtain this time 😀

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Visceral Love 10 October, 2008

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It feels good knowing that someone loves you deeply even when you are far away from each other the moment you wake up from your slumber. This feeling, it seems capable of making your body extremely light and makes the beautiful blue sky is within your reach.

I love this feeling. I hope it will never end.


Addicted to online shopping 9 September, 2008

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I think I’m addicted to online shopping. I was browsing around in Amazon.com when I found super cheap second hand Antique Bakery manga from volume 1 to 4. I think I’m going to order them as soon as I add cerdit onto my prepaid Visa card.

As I continue browsing, I found some nice black pearl necklace & earrings. In case you don’t know, I really love stuff like pearls, beads & gems. There are some black pearl necklace which are VERY expensive : around 72000 USD & that would be RM 244 800 (not sure if the price is real though… but the items looks rather beautiful & unique) – CRAP! Just found that Amazon doesn’t ship jewelry to Malaysia 😦

Being an E-Commerce student myself, I don’t think I’ll regret getting a Tune Money prepaid to buy things online. I guess I need to learn and experience how the process goes. Perhaps one day, I might be able to enhance the current online shopping methods in various ways 😀