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A Happy Person with 24″ LCD monitor 16 February, 2009

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Finally, I got my new lcd monitor. My 17″ monitor somewhat has a layer of wave on the upper section of the screen. Not sure what’s the cause coz it’s been there for quite sometime. I don’t even use speaker or sub woofer anymore so it couldn’t be the magnet thingy that caused the problem. Anywhere, here’s some pic of my new LCD 😀




New house: 80% complete 18 January, 2009

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I went to Baling a few days back and saw that the new house my mum has been dreaming off is nearly completed. Going to have a prayer for the new house entrance thingy end of February. I get to choose my own bed, wardrobe & curtain this time 😀

dsc_9196 (more…)


New Laptop!! 8 January, 2009

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I just bought a new laptop yesterday. It’s an ASUS X59SL series. I will take photo of it when I get back to my hometown because I left my camera there 😛 Pictures are here!!


Here’s the spec :

Intel C2D P7350 (2.0)



ATI HD3470 256MB

15.4″ WXGA


Vista Home Premium (sux coz I’m not used to Vista yet…)



Mah new controller 18 December, 2008

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Last Friday, I went to PC fair with some friends & I got myself a new Xbox360 controller for my PC. I wanted to buy BenQ E2200HD lcd monitor and Sapphire 4850 but a friend of mine told me to wait till next month for the price to go down. As for E2200HD, it was out of stock during the PC itself.



Raya Gathering 2008 : FUN! 3 October, 2008

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I went for Raya gathering earlier today in Taiping Sentral. I’ve been missing my ex-schoolmates & my school life a lot lately. Maybe at this point, I realised I did not want to grow up to be an adult and face this harsh world. It’s so unloving T-T



Leech, Hot Spring : Fun 2 October, 2008

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On the first day of Raya, I went for a one day trip with my family to my mum’s hometown which is Baling. We went to her orchard and my step nephews had fun splashing into the crystal clear-tiny-river there. I took a lot of photos of them playing around in the river as well my other step family members who were either busy try to catch some fish in the river or climbing trees.  I myself was busy taking candid photos of these people enjoying their outing in the orchard. I did follow my step brother in our attempt to catch some fish without fishing rod where I got bitten by a leech without me knowing. I only notice that my 4th toe was bleeding. If I saw the leech still sucking my blood, I would have squeeze it to death with my fingers 😛



MIFC 2008 : Australia team 30 August, 2008

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I went for MIFC again at Putrajaya, this time with Silencers , Aizat & Ce-Yi. Thank god it wasn’t raining and the wind wasn’t that strong either. Australia  team seems to have rather an interesting fireworks display. There were smileys, flowers & snow flakes. I swear I saw cow head’s shape firework. It looked more like an icon there. Too bad I didn’t managed to capture it.

I’m gonna spam with some photos now. Beware for those who  have slow internet connection. I’ve already tried my best to keep the photos at smaller scale.