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The end 3 February, 2009

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I’m done and free now. Thank you


New house: 80% complete 18 January, 2009

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I went to Baling a few days back and saw that the new house my mum has been dreaming off is nearly completed. Going to have a prayer for the new house entrance thingy end of February. I get to choose my own bed, wardrobe & curtain this time 😀

dsc_9196 (more…)


New Laptop!! 8 January, 2009

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I just bought a new laptop yesterday. It’s an ASUS X59SL series. I will take photo of it when I get back to my hometown because I left my camera there 😛 Pictures are here!!


Here’s the spec :

Intel C2D P7350 (2.0)



ATI HD3470 256MB

15.4″ WXGA


Vista Home Premium (sux coz I’m not used to Vista yet…)



Mah new controller 18 December, 2008

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Last Friday, I went to PC fair with some friends & I got myself a new Xbox360 controller for my PC. I wanted to buy BenQ E2200HD lcd monitor and Sapphire 4850 but a friend of mine told me to wait till next month for the price to go down. As for E2200HD, it was out of stock during the PC itself.



Hahahahaha 5 December, 2008

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Never thought I would see this coming today with my own eyes. You made me LOLed hard. If only you knew that you made yourself look pathetic


Bill Clinton coming to Malaysia 1 December, 2008

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Yes you heard me right. He is coming to Malaysia for a special lecture (I have no idea why they want to call it as a “lecture”) on 5th December 2008 (Friday) in KLCC. Once again, I was invited as a volunteer by ASLI for this very meaningful event. The original was date for this event was on the 6th December but somehow the event management team brought it forward. I got a phone call from a lady from ASLI about the change earlier today & asked if I can still attend the event with the date change came in hand. I told that I’ll still going since I have only one class on Friday.

A few hours after the phone call, I got the updated programme schedule and found my name under the Ushering team for VVIP!! Hmmm… I wonder who I’m going to usher this Friday. Can’t wait for Friday to come 😀


The Witcher LOL 01 30 November, 2008

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Found this while playing the game a few nights ago.